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Foundation Wellcome EU

Foundation Wellcome EU


The foundation provides aid to people affected by the impacts of humanitarian crises.

Foundation data

Foundacja Wellcome EU
ul. Bosaków 5a/87a
31-476 Kraków

NIP: 9452258517
REGON: 522529127
KRS: 0000980244

About the Wellcome EU Foundation

The Wellcome EU Foundation provides aid to people affected by the impacts of humanitarian crises caused by natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, and wartime actions.

The Foundation supports refugees, immigrants, excluded individuals, and those experiencing discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, or ethnic origin. Their support includes legal protection, humanitarian aid, vocational activation, educational support, and other necessary assistance both within the territory of the Republic of Poland and beyond its borders.

The Foundation undertakes actions aimed at protecting human rights and civil liberties, as well as supporting the development of democracy.

How We Support the WellCome EU Foundation

As StarMak, a company based in Kraków, we actively support the Wellcome EU Foundation in its mission. We engage in their initiatives and assist in running their operations by offering our resources and logistical support.

Join us in supporting the Wellcome EU Foundation

We encourage you to support the WellCome EU Foundation and join us in providing aid.
Your support can help deliver essential assistance to those in need.

Together, we can make a positive change in many lives.

Meeting “Ukrainians full of opportunities in Poland: Supporting people with disabilities”

Children’s Day at Wellcome EU Foundation

Polish language course for Ukrainians

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